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Root If you are experiencing the boot loop brick on the TB...


Android Expert
Mar 11, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
I just wanted to get this out there as much as possible to see if we can get all the help we can for Jcase and eveyone trying to figure this out.

Please if you are in the boot loop brick, which means the following ONLY:

Defintion of brick:

Rebooting in normal mode, as well as recovery, and RUU does not fix the issue.

Do NOT try to run the stock RUU as per Adrynalyne says here:

So we have run into a problem with reading bricked devices. If you are bricked, please, please, please! do not run the stock RUU until we have attempted to read the emmc name. If you are s-on, we are stuck.

Then go to the following link and let them know that you have the issue so that they can try to help, the link contains the commands that need to run and the IRC channel to go to so they can help:

PLEASE READ: Information Gathering: Those who have Bricked and have not - xda-developers
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Just ran the command ... got what most people had SEM08G non bricked from GB to Froyo... one thing that caught my attention was this pop up that my phone got
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I've seen this message before. It was when I first switched to GB from froyo. I never rewiped and I was fine.

Agreed that the "I'm feeling lucky" button is awesome and it felt a little bad ass pressing, haha
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