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Root I'm looking for a ROM with..

Hi, I can't seem to find a 4.4 kitkat rom that interest me.
I'd like one that has extended desktop with PIE controls,
and one that has 5x5 with transparent nav and top bar, and also lockscreen.
any rom that has these couple features would be awesome, thanks ahead!

As Rxpert83 mentioned, 4.4 is still very new. Most of the ROMs currently available have a limited featureset as a result. ParanoidAndroid (the source of the PIE controls) hasn't yet re-implemented that functionality, even in their unofficial beta builds. That said, it does include an Immersive Mode toggle, which accomplishes a lot of what extended desktop + PIE did - though in the officially-supported KitKat way.

For the 5x5 grid and transparency, pretty much any third-party launcher will do what you're after. Try Nova or Action Launcher.
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