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Root I'm rooted on 2.0.1, now what?


May 24, 2010
From 2.0.1Root, how do I go to 2.1Root? I'm trying to follow the following link...

[How-To]Root your Droid 2.1 ESE81 ****UPDATED**** - Droid Support/General - AllDroid General Forum - [How-To]Root your Droid 2.1 ESE81 ****UPDATED**** - Droid Support/General - AllDroid General Forum - Forum

The problem is, it doesn't say if I need to be at 2.0.1, or 2.1, which is why I'm kinda confused. So, where do I go from here?


I think I'll just go back to stock 2.1 and follow the links instructions. I mean, I've gone and downgraded, rooted 2.0.1, so, I suppose I shouldn't have any problems, my phone was 2.1 OTB anyways.
EDIT: Went back down to 2.0.1Root, followed the links instructions till 2.1SPR. Phone rebooted and RSD asked me to manually power up the phone. I did, and now I'm sitting at the Motorola logo screen. Last two STATUS in RSD are "Phone[0000]: Phone is being rebooted" >>> Progress Executed: 100% "Please manually power up this phone"

Two bucks says brick :I

EDIT 2: And out of the blue, after I unplug it TWICE, it says it passes, and I'm still stuck at the Motorola Logo screen. I've flashed a good 3 times now.

EDIT 3: Went back down to 2.0.1root for giggles, then straight to SPR2.1. No luck, so, to heck with this, I'm staying official for now. All I really wanted out of rooting was overclocking, but if it's gonna be this hard, to heck with it. It's fast enough as is, and 2.2 will just add even more icing and ice cream to this already delicious cake. Adding in research from midnight to 6 in the morning, probably irate from confusion and things not being simple and quick (Like a certain competing phone we all know).
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Ummm, if you already have root on 2.0.1, I don't think you need to install SPRecovery. You could just install ROM Manager from the market and that will allow you to load the Clockwork Recovery image, then installing a custom 2.1 rooted build would be as simple as a few touchscreen pushes.

RSDLite is used to install SPRecovery on a phone that has a stock un-rooted 2.1 build on it (like the one I picked up at BB the other day).

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