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Incredible not on VZW website

This is a screenshot taken 12:34PM PST May 25th


Its on there site for me.....
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I just checked again. Not there for me. I go to cell phones/3g smartphones and not there. even clicked on category htc and still not there. I wonder if there is just too many orders? I just use there search and found it but when I clicked on it it stated that it was unavailable at this time...
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Wow 6/15 , can't believe there is such a limited supply of these phones

The incredible screen is manufactured by Samsung and Samsung doesn't have those screens in stock. the #2 reason is that vzw is having a lot of prople wanting this phone, even being on back order the incredible is selling super fast, that's why the phone is being back ordered for so long.
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The phone is there....

Enter your location

Just irritated that I have been waiting 2 weeks for this phone and still no light at the end of the tunnel..... grr :mad:

Wow its funny how people freak out at stuff like this, I mean its the human way i know, but its still funny...

I never said it wasn't there. I just checked the Verizon website and it lists the phone just fine for me. I just saw the story on BGR & thought people in this thread might like to read it. I could care less, I already have an Incredible....
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I would speculate it's simply because with the huge back-order, by keeping it available to order online they'd be perpetually sold out and would never gain enough stock to ship to retail stores. I would imagine that after the stock has been replenished (last reports show that the screens are being produced again) and the brick & mortar stores get them, then you'll see it available to purchase online again.
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