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Interesting Charger/Battery Accessory

Just came across this USB wall charger that also contains a 1300mAh battery. A bit pricey @ $40, but it might be a good solution for those who travel often.

The Ultimate Charger : (5 Star Rating): Google Checkout available.


True, it won't fully recharge the Evo battery, but it is an interesting solution.

Still deciding if it is worth the coin or not.
I'd prefer this charger that comes with a spare battery and can charge both the phone and battery at once:
1500MAH BATTERY+ CHARGER FOR SPRINT HTC TOUCH PRO 2 - eBay (item 260607821271 end time Jun-21-10 19:35:35 PDT)

$9 w shipping.

I actually had that exact one for my Touch Pro2. The battery lasted only about 3/4 as long as the stock battery and the connection leads on the charger snapped off very easy.

Not bad for the money, just beware that with that type of product, you do get what you pay for.
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Don't know if anyone's familiar with iGo, but I got this thing linked below. Internal battery that charges as it's plugged into the wall and can charge on the go. Has two USB inputs for charging, and the iGo cables only charge, don't do data transfer so you can hook them to any computer and charge without syncing. Best of all, you buy interchangable tips that go on the end of the USB cables which have their universal connector, which means any accessories you get (wall charger/car charger/etc.etc.) you can get tips for any device. IPod, mini USB, micro USB, and so on. Makes traveling easier.

"iGo" Charge Anywhere at iGo, Inc.
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I'm looking at the Zagg Sparq. It's a little pricey but I got a coupon so I'll see. It looks like a viable option

I have a 50% off coupon good through tomorrow (let me know if anyone needs it) and I thought I would get the Sparq, until I read the bad reviews and customer service experiences here.

After what I read, I think I will not only avoid the Sparq but any other Zagg products.
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