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Root [International] New upgrade available..when?


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Nov 22, 2012
Hi im just wondering when the new update is out in the UK for android. I have Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505on Orange.

Im having issues and im hoping the new update will fix it as Samsung seem to be having problems doing so after 3 attempts.

Thanks in advance

Latest Android 4.4.2, "bugfix", update for the UK's i9505 on EE is...

Model: GT-I9505
Model name: GALAXY S4 LTE
Country: United Kingdom (EE)
Version: Android 4.4.2
Changelist: 2309103
Build date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 08:01:06 +0000
Product Code: EVR

To check out your actual model and firmware details, see #1.2 and #1.3 of 29 Galaxy S4 models - know yours?

You should be able to update OTA, (Over The Air), or via the Samsung Kies, PC suite. Alternatively, you can download the above firmware and flash it via Odin as described in the links of #1.5 of the aforementioned guide.
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I unsure of whats the correct one ive tried to look but want to be 100% sure.
My baseband version is I9505XXUGNG8

All help appreciated 😆 x

Your Baseband is of no use. You need your full firmware details as per my earlier post...

To check out your actual model and firmware details, see #1.2 and #1.3 of 29 Galaxy S4 models - know yours?

Do i need to be rooted to flash the bug fix xx

No, it is a stock Samsung firmware and perfectly legit to do so for your CSC code if it is EVR, (EE).
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These are my details. Sorry if im being dumb i just dont wanna make a mistake x


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Yes thats correct its open to all networks. So there is no update option for me? Im really at a loss to what is wrong with the call connection issue :( makin me sad. Samsung have attempted to fix it without success and ive also reset it about 7 times without success. I kno its not the speaker so i dont kno x
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The latest EE/Orange firmware comes with the NI2 modem which is newer than the NG8. You could flash the EE firmware to see if it improves your connection over the NG8. You will of course void your warranty if you need to have your phone repaired at any stage... unless you re-flash the OXX firmware back before returning it. ;)
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