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Introduction Assistance


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May 22, 2011
Quahog, RI
One thing I have been trying to do lately is spend more time welcoming folks in the Introductions - Android Forums . While there I have been trying to navigate people in the right direction so they can get the most out of their Phandroid / Android Forums experience. For example, if the new member says they have a Samsung Galaxy S III, I will provide this :Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums so they can find where to go. If someone has decided to root their phone & they run into a issue, why not point provide them w/ a link to the root thread of their device to get assistance ? I Know, I Know the Introductions area is not for support ( even though this is hardly support ) , but I try to remember what it was like when I was new & I didn't know what all this site had to offer. This is something that takes seriously 5 seconds to do & could really help other members out. I'm just writing this thread not to get a response, but just something for our green & red folks to think about while your in there. Thanks again to everybody behind the scenes for making this site the great place that it is.

Hey there, treb1797!

We certainly appreciate your help in there welcoming our new members.

We do try our best to welcome each and every new member, but also remember that we get a LOT of new members each day (a LOT, LOL--I don't know the numbers, but at times it really is hard to keep-up).

Thanks for the heads-up, though, and thank you again for helping to make our forum as welcoming and helpful as it can be! :)

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