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Root Issue with Fastboot


Aug 17, 2012
I'm following scotty's guide to the t trying to root my rezound. I noticed a couple others mentioning this issue but not in its own thread (though if it is I apologize for posting separate). I also didn't want to clutter up the guide post. Anyhow, after playing around with adb devices and adb kill-server over and over until I finally see only one device, I get to fastboot by adb reboot bootloader. At this point, the light on the rezound (the charging light) goes off and my pc no longer sees a device connected at all. Needless to say fastboot doesn't see it either. I've installed/reinstalled HTC Sync several times, rebooted my pc, rebooted the phone, and used the driver .exe scotty mentions in his post. Nothing helps. I'm running win7 x64 if that makes a difference. Any help is greatly appreciated.
64 bit i do not believe should make a difference. is htc sync still on the pc? usually when drivers are correctly installed,and there are issues with adb or fastboot connectivity,the prollem turns out to be something running on the pc,interefering with the comunications.

make sure you have disabled htc sync,pdanet,easytether,and any other programs capable of comunicating with the phone.

also try different usb cables and ports. sounds like a long shot,but ive learned the hard way not all usb cables are created equal :eek:

you can also try installing the drivers manually. find your phone in device manager,then update drivers,and point the wizzard at the extracted driver file.
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