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JellyBean Easter Egg

Goto settings...

Then about phone.

The double click on Android version

It will show the image of a jellybean...

Now...press and hold

Now you get alot more floating around...

Theres more...

After you start flicking the jelly beans away...you see the next android operating system
Could be 10 or more but look out for a Candycane


Rumors still point to KEY LIME PIE, for Androids new 5.0
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Isn't the code name for the next version "Key Lime Pie"? Thought they were going in alphabetical order...

The next name has never been confirmed by Google.

As far as I know, Key Lime Pie has always been someone's best guess and it stuck in the media.

And yes in alphabetical order:

A - (?)
B - (?)
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