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Nov 1, 2010
Hello Everyone!

I recently just picked up the Samsung Captivate i896 as it became available to Rogers last week. So far I am really liking this phone and the whole android feel to it and I know I haven't even broke the ice on this phones capabilities.

For the past year I owned an iPhone 3GS, for the first half of the year I have to say I liked the phone but then it just started to irritate me. Always needing to jailbreak to have any fun with it, the battery started to crap out and with out a removable battery it became truly annoying. Being jailbroken I noticed the phone would lag a lot. Just basically got tired of it, seemed more frustrating then a phone that I enjoyed. Before that I was a crackberry addict with an 8300 curve :D

Now I am happy with my Android phone :), the display, the camera, the whole software capabilities with what I been reading about froyo, FLASHH, and best of all the freedom!
Any advice on how to better my experiance let me know, I am definitely not one to be scared to try to do things to a phone(been reading a bit about rooting). Main things I use this phone for is texting/browser/games/music so any guidance in those areas would be great.

My fellow Galaxy S owner ;)
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