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Root Just a quick question on kernal and update radio


Mar 26, 2011
PHONE---> Im running stock rom on evo and got 2.2. my kernal is the htc #15. Im rooted (universal root i believe, cant really remember but all is unlocked) and everything had cm7 but just want stock for awhile, (4g was faster on stock). PROBLEM----> Ive read on xda there are new wimax radios and new baseband radios too. i want to flash the combo but it says i MIGHT need to reflash the kernal. Im new the the kernal portion lol I just need instructions on how i would go about updating the radio and reflashing the kernal at the same time cause i dont want to take any chances on bricking it. Just some reassurance its okay lol
have you tried the sprint lover's radio/wimax/pri all in one? here is the link: [ROM] 02/25/11 | SPRINT LOVERS | 2.2 | 3.70.651.1 | Radio/Wimax/PRI All-In-One - xda-developers. it is basically stock and it will update everything for you. here is the actual PC36IMG.zip file you will need: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service.

1.just place it on to the root (no folders) of your sd card.
2.go to hboot (bootloader) by power off then press and hold power+vol down.
3.hboot will automatically scan for it and ask you to update press vol up for yes and it should do its thing then reboot.

hopefully that helps. anymore questions please feel free to ask.
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