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Root Just bought the evo 4g for boost pointers please?

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Is your Evo flashed to boost already or are you looking to do that?
Do you know if it is rooted yet?
Here is a link to rooting the phone:

You can post back here what it says in the bootloader screen and we can tell from that, the status of root or not.
Pull the battery, wait about 20 seconds, put the battery back in.
While holding the volume down button, press and hold power.
A white screen will come up with info on it.
Just post back here what it all says.:)
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Its not rooted i just bout it at radioshack and acticated it woth boost on my old number now its bone stock i havnt done anything to it yet and that thread says rooting gingerbread im on jb

The Evo never got the JB upgrade. So either you are running a JB style rom and you are rooted, or perhaps you do not have the Evo4G?

Can you post back the info in your bootloader? That will identify the device and the root status:)
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It was advertised as jb and it says 4.0.5 in the about phone section but i will post back with bootloader info
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