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Just got back from Best Buy

Let us know what you think.

A lot of us will be receiving ours tomorrow, including me.

I'm in a similar predicament too. 4g or dual core? I'm not impressed with the charge's build and specs or the tbolt's battery life.

I'm hoping that the dual core keeps our heads above water when software starts taking advantage of multiple cores.
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I too went to best buy. They told me they could not sell it and then they double they checked. We then went though the basic sales stuff and the noticed I was not eligible for an up grade until November (forgot I got an Iphone for my kid). THEY called verizon for me and I used the salesmans phone to negoiate an early upgrade that verizon was selling me (not best buy). Kudos to BB as they received nothing for the sale but were very helpful in me getting my upgrade. Of course I had to wait a whole day now to get the X2. I really want to get it before the GB OTA comes so I can root away without worries.

i will post how the phone is but I am hoping for the best. Love the X, can only love the X2 more right? Anyway we'll see. With quadarant scores in the 24-2500 running froyo it should be interesting to say the least.
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