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Root [KERNEL] [Jan 3] ElementalX-EVO-JB-v0.8 | JB Sense 4+ | OC | init.d | SYSTEM WRITE


Dr. Feelgood
Aug 30, 2011
This is pretty insane that we have this without kernel source yet.

NOT MY WORK!!! Originally posted by flar2 on XDA. Follow the thread here and give him some thanks: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2075542


Kernel for Sense-based Jelly Bean ROMs

LATEST VERSION: ElementalX-EVO-JB-v0.5alpha (December 31, 2012)

* Standard disclaimer: 
* Your warranty is now void.  Use at your own risk.
* In other words: It is your choice to use this software,
* I am not responsible for any damage or problems!

I'm from the One XL forums, I don't have this device, but some people have asked for my mods for /system write and overclocking to be brought to other devices. This is a work-in-progress. I need a few people to test this. I will be around later today to get this working.

Do not flash this or post in this thread unless you want to help me get this working on this device!

It might work as-is, but I doubt it. We'll probably need to make a few changes and then the devs here can take over.


The source hasn't been released so we can't do a custom kernel, but we can customize the stock kernel.

Your choices in the Aroma installer are used to build a configuration file. The config file is located at /etc/elementalx.conf. You can edit this file to change kernel settings. Whatever is set in this file will take effect when the device is booted.

The Kernel
This installs the stock HTC Jelly Bean kernel. However, the boot.img is slightly different. It has init.d support added to the ramdisk. This is to load the custom modules at boot. Any stock JB kernel with init.d support will work with the modules and config files my installer installs. So no need to worry about fastboot flash and all that on hboot 1.14 as long as you already have a JB stock kernel with init.d support. This includes previous installations of ElementalX-JB.

Write to /system
The system write module needs no parameters. Load it and it works, but it's extremely important this is done right away after booting. Most Jelly Bean ROMs will likely include this module from now on. It won't hurt anything if your ROM already installs it. Trying to insert the module more than once won't cause any problems, it will simply fail to load and you won't even notice anything happened unless you like reading log messages.

Overclocking is optional. If you select "Stock CPU Frequencies" in the installer or 0 in /etc/elementalx.conf, the overclocking module will not be loaded. The overclocking module in v0.4 and up is new, and requires no parameters. Inserting the module makes available CPU frequencies up to 1998. Whatever frequency you chose in the installer will be set at boot for both CPUs. Frequencies can be changed any time using apps like No Frills or Kernel Tuner.

wp_mod: http://goo.gl/b0aAY
oc_mod: http://goo.gl/8oFI3
new update is up a few days ago:

-removed 1998MHz frequency step
-added 1647MHz frequency step
-increased voltages slightly for stability
-added option to install without boot.img

-tweaking install method

-fix installer?

not sure what v.8 is about....no changelog for it yet.
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