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Sep 8, 2010
What does everyone here use for their default keyboard.

I am getting kind of tired of swype (i dont think its as accurate as I want) but I dont know what else to try. I really miss suretype that comes with blackberries. Is there any way to get this on droid?

Overall, I just wanna know the most accurate keyboard I can try.
I had been using Swype since my last phone, Samsung Omnia. Now I'm sold on Ultra Keyboard. I have not found a more customizable or comprehensive keyboard. I have it set to trace (swype) in portrait mode and multitouch in landscape. Also, cursor arrows come in so handy for me. Check it out. It has more options than I could write about.

Now on the other end of the spectrum, one of the strangest and worst keyboard I've tried is Thumb Keyboard. It's a standard qwerty split down the middle and offset to accomodate typing with thumbs in portrait mode. The strangest and most uncomfortable keyboard I have ever used.
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Ultra keyboard. With this you can use all the themes for the other keyboards. It has the compact qwerty that I love! It's awesome. I type faster with it than i do with the full keyboard. I found ultra keyboard more customizeable than the others. Easy to teach it new words also. i used many other keyboards but this one was awesome!
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I started using Smart Keyboard Pro because the default keyboard on my Galaxy Tab was driving me nuts. I've since installed it on my two Droids; I like it that much.

I haven't tried Gingerbread Keyboard yet... I probably should one of these days.

Used smart keyboard pro on my og droid and now on my droidx. Works great. Many keyboard skins to choose from. Also compatible with some of the better keyboard skins.
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