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Help Keys Backlight stays on in Multimedia station


Nov 5, 2009
Kind of defeats the purpose of dimming the screen when the 4 main keys light up my bedroom for the entire night.

Is something set wrong? I think it was ok at first but something has made the keys stay on.

:mad:One more week before I give up and return my Droid.:mad:
I noticed that too. Wish I could turn the keys off as well while in the dock. I did not notice if the room is well lit if the keys go off or not. I also have the issue that the light from the keys comes through to the screen if the phone is slightly off angle. Makes the dock experience a bit less aesthetically pleasing.
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So I changed my Brightness Setting to manual and all the way down. With the station unplugged, I dock the two under a bright light. The home keys turn off after approx 10 sec.

This worked but there has to be a better way.

BTW, I tried docking the two after turning off the light, and the Home Keys stay lit until I put my phone to sleep.

Must be something in the settings, but a can't seem to find anything :thinking:
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I just got my dock today - it's definitely a problem between the dock app's programming and the phone's ambient light sensor.

You can test this really easily - put it in night mode in the dock and then aim a bright light at the front, the 4 button backlights will turn off, but as soon as you turn the bright light off, they come back as soon as the sensor detects that it's dark.
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