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Root latest imoseyon kernel for GB/Sense?

Edit: You can ask multiple questions in one thread as well. Not picking on you just letting you know there's no need to start multiple threads when you have a few questions you need answered, that's all

Worm not trying to be a dick but TBfan runs sense and asked for sense, you linked the thread for AOSP which I assume would cause issues on a sense rom:D

He fixed it ;)
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So back on topic regarding battery life. I'm curious, cause I think we'd all love a miracle Kernel that makes battery life tolerable.

Easiest fix would be going to AOSP and running a rom/kernel combo that people get great battery from, perhaps one of the DT roms or CM7 and imo's .8 ;). I believe McLabia gets good battery life on a sense rom perhaps see what kernel he is using with Synergy, it wouldn't shock me if he is running the stock Synergy kernel.
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