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Lets make our Evo Win!!

There's no way the Evo is going to win in voting. Too many people have been iphone branded.

But as of right now, the vote is Evo is down only 2.4%. Which amazed me.

Considering just about every other carrier has a similarly-specced Android phone, it is quite amazing that the Evo has enough cachet to go toe to toe with iPhone on a single-model basis.
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I too am suprised that the EVO is hanging tough with the iPhone in that poll. Although, personally I subscribe to the belief that the EVO is a phone for tech-minded [ep[;e of "nerds" and the iPhone is a phone for the "masses".

If you subscribe to that theory, it would make sense that the EVO is close...since most of the masses aren't going to be reading an Engadget article in the first place...
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