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Root lg explains zve update


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Dec 23, 2011
Chat Transcript

Time of chat: 7/17/2013 6:21:48 PM
Length of chat: 00:14:05
Your name: jorge
Chatted with: Mariana

6:22 PM Mariana: Hello jorge. Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A. Support only. How may I provide you with excellent service today?
6:23 PM jorge: sure,i was wondering what was the zve update on my lg esteem ms910 was for? ( the purpose )
6:23 PM Mariana: Hello! I would like to please place you on a brief hold while I research that for you, will that be alright?
6:24 PM jorge: that will be fine thank you
6:26 PM Mariana: Thank you for your patience while I researched that for you.
6:26 PM jorge: no problem
6:27 PM Mariana: The OTA Update for the MS910 included "Enhanced LTE search"
6:27 PM Mariana: Meaning that it was an improvement for the interaction between the network provided by your carrier and you phone
6:28 PM jorge: meaning ?
6:29 PM Mariana: LTE is 4G service, the update provided more stability to your unit to connect to the network.
6:29 PM jorge: speed? less lost calls ? better coverage?\
6:30 PM Mariana: Better coverage
6:32 PM jorge: is there a update in the works ? and does lg plan on trying to keep the lg esteem up and running for the newer things coming out? and why not a jellybean update?
6:33 PM Mariana: LG manufactures the products according to the carrier's specifications and once manufactured, the phone's hardware and software belongs to the carrier, so basically they would be the only authorized to make changes or request changes to it, unfortunately.
6:33 PM Mariana: As the software that runs on the phone actually belongs to the carrier due to agreements between carrier and LG, there is no way we can develop the software if the carrier has not requested it to be developed.
6:34 PM Mariana: At the moment there is not an update announced for this model.
6:34 PM jorge: i would like to think you for your time and the information you provided me
6:35 PM Mariana: You're welcome, Jorge
F*** it. did a signal test, and speed test before the update. (since at my new house I have 0-1 bars) if this helps me get more coverage, it's worth a shot.

I can always go back to how it was when I woke up this morning. before I got the text about the update (I got one a week or so ago but forgot about it, I was stoned off hash oil at the time)
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