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Locked to Verizon?

Ok so here's the dealio.

I'm gonna uprgade my Verizon plan, and buy the Galaxy Nexus. They are gonna activate it.

Then i am going to take the phone off and take it to PagePlus.

Will it be locked to Verizon? or what?

I've "heard" about people converting phones to run on other CDMA networks(if pageplus is CDMA I don't l know). Usually it involves someone creating a "custom" ROM and their are usually a LOT of caveats and issues.

Now this info. is all "pre LTE"... You may not even be a able to do it with a LTE phone at all anymore.

I would probably say its not worth trying unless your a tinkerer by nature and comfortable messing with base phone settings and digging for hours finding the info. dealing with possible issues with sms and data not working or not working correctly.

this is all my opinion, ymmv
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Dude just save up and get an unlocked GSM phone waaaaaaaaaaay less hassle and cheaper monthly depending on what carrier u go to.

Sure its about 350 upfront if you decide to grab the GSM Nexus, however the fact that it has a pentaband antenna (3g on ALL major gsm radio waves) as well as the freedom to switch to any carrier any month without hassle more than makes up for it.

Plus in a few months there is gonna be another nexus released so if you upgrade your plan and get the verizon Nexus wont you be subject to another 2 year contract???? o_O

Go GSM and grab a straight talk $45 monthly unlimited pay as you go plan.

my 2 cents.
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