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Locked/Unlocked Bootloader?

Yeah it's locked. I might not care so much if the reviews are good. I have all the confidence that the devs will find a way to root it anyways.

So don't fret. :p

It has been stated by the Droid Concepts ROM team that about 90% will be working on dev for the Droid 3, so it looks good so far :)
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at this point does it really matter? Look how far the DroidX has come along with a locked bootloader the entire way. Im so tired of people shying away from a device just based on the bootloader. ....lame sauce.

I know what you're saying...but lame sauce? :eek:

Does it really matter? Yes. Does it really matter to you? Maybe not.

Some of us like having more control than you'd have with an Apple product for instance. Some of us like having more control than you'd have with a stock Android device. And some of us don't want the bootloader getting in the way of total control...

Some of us are just control freaks...don't judge us! :D
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