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Root looking for help flashing rom


Jun 16, 2010
looking for help. this is my first time on the thunderbolt. I was looking to add liquid gingersense from rom manager but was just wondering if I had to update my radio also. I guess my question really is with the radio. do i chose a new radio based off the new rom or off my thunderbolt. right now im stock rooted 2.21 and build 1.70.605.0. any help would be appreciated.
hey worm thanks. Is there a reason not to use ROM manager. I used it with my OG droid and it worked great. I can flash roms manually but Im just unsure about the radios and also about the md5. So the radio I have now will work with any of the sense based roms gingersense or bamf are the ones I was thinking of trying. Ill take a look at those threads and see if I can figure this thing out.
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Yes use AFV to obtain the MD5 then compare it to the one provided by the source, it should match.

Rom manager will try to flash whatever it downloads, it doesnt verify the file at all, which can cause issues. It also will allow things like renaming nandroids that can cause them to become unuseable
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