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Root looks like development for the connect is dead

Yeah as long as vv5 stays locked (not rootable) it's pretty much done with. Sucks cause I only got about 6 good months of use out of this phone and it costed me $400 dollars (which was very hard to scrape up). Pisses me off!

All hope is not lost, we need a root god to look into the Masterkey Exploit, see my post here...
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No, you don't have to use VV5, go ahead and use a ZVx based ROM if you wish, if it will work. There are a few threads about the Metro-T-Mo merger that affected data and some other components of anything Pre-VV5 ROMs. Mostly data not working, but I think that affected only some people in different areas/markets. My Connect was a drink coaster during the whole merger and transition so I'm not fully aware of all that went awry.
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