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Losing access to the SD card...


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Dec 28, 2009
Hey! I've had this happen several times, sometimes when I turn on the screen there's a notice saying that backing up to SD had failed, so I try to look at the contents of the card and I can't see any of my files. Sometimes I notice it when I try to take a picture, and it'll say that it doesn't have the required access. Other times, I've just wanted to access something on the card and noticed it had happened.
Now, this sounds like it happens all the time, but it's only a couple of times a week, but quite annoying nonetheless. The only solution I have found is to turn off the phone, and then turn it back on again.
I have tried with the programs SDRemount and SDRescan, but neither have any effect.

Any hints as to get rid of this problem? Is it an issue with the SD card that would go away if I got a new one?

PS. I have searched for this topic several times in here, without finding it, but I think something goes wrong in the search process (even if I just search for SD, nothing is found, and I'm quite sure SD has been mentioned a couple of times in here :)
Both me and my wife had the problem with the SD card. It does seem that it needs to be unmounted and remounted, but since the only thing that let's you do that is restarting the phone this mkea it a very annoying process.

Neither is us have Astro installed, in fact the only thing we have installed recently is the Facebook update.

What about any if you?
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Happened to me when I first got the phone a month ago. I took the SD card out and put it back in and thought this had solved it as I was then problem free.............until yesterday and today when it's happened again.

I'm hoping getting a new SD card will solve it but I'm not too optimistic as there are several other threads on here about this problem and some have had it with more than one card.

If it is a problem that can't be fixed I won't be buying another HTC device again -
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