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Help lost signall


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Sep 22, 2009
My galaxy suddenly lost connection to network and i cant get it back. Shouldnt be problem due to network operator since this is now lasting for several hours.
Using galaxo everything was working fine for few days since instaling it and i havent tampered with rom since...
Any ideas guy's?
I wouldnt have thought so, however the sim is right over where my phone gets hot when i'm on the phone for a while so i suppose its possible.
Do you have any other sims you could try in your phone?
I cant see why your phone would just stop working if you didnt fiddle with anything. You need something to test against so you can start faultfinding.
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I now have the same problem - flashed Galaxo 1.6.2 yesterday afternoon and the data network dropped around 9pm. I've rebooted the phone several times but it still won't detect any network. I know there is a signal available as a colleague sat next to me is on O2 and his iphone is working fine.

Any ideas?
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if its anyhelp im an o2 customer and yesterday wap and mobile web were geting pdp context but ltd to no data.
everything back to normal today
there were o2 network issues yesterday depending on the sgsn and bsc you were on

Thanks mate. It didn't get a signal at home or work for about 24hrs on Wednesday/Thursday and other O2 users were ok....

It's still working since I reflashed it though so fingers crossed it stays that way.
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Had the same problem with my recently galaxo'ed ( Galaxy. I was out biking with SportyPal running and tracking my route and Spotify playing music. First thing I noticed was that it became _incredibly_ slow after starting the music and tracking, but was playing as smooth as one could want, so I was on my way. Then, an hour into the trip, the music started lagging and soon was completely gone, ditto was the signal. After a quick reboot it was fine again.

I was running the CPU in "Eco" mode with no OC. I suspect it may have to do with the amount of load on the hardware. Going "eco" while using spotify and gps tracking simultaneously seemed to be the absolute limit. Perhaps because of a scheduled email sync or something like that happening, it went beyond the limit and was completely clogged up.
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