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MAke Folders for Photos?

Hmm. Very good question. I think that the OS treats photos more-or-less like a camera does, and therefore just creates a generic folder (usually ..:\DCIM\100MEDIA) on SD card to store pictures. Downloaded photos are chucked into the X:\download folder with any other downloaded files (pdfs, apks, etc).

You might consider trying to create a folder from your PC on your SD card within ..:\DCIM\100MEDIA and see if your device picks it up. A similar process of creating folders has worked in terms of adding custom Notification, Alarm, and Ringtones. Good lucK!
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Bascially you can create a folder anywhere on your sdcard, and place photos in the folder. If a folder has photos in, that folder will appear as a photo gallery in the photos app.

For instace i have a top level folder named Pictures. Inside here I have many other folders such as "asian", "latino", "brunette".

Those will appear as galleries in the photos app.
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with "Ctrl Folder" you can organize right inside from the comfort of Gallery


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