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Market troubles

Anyone having trouble with the Market? I can't download anything, it justs sits there at starting download? Any ideas? Is it me or is the Market down?

I tried it a couple minutes ago (2:41am 2/6/11 EST), and it seemed to be working.

I have flashed a lot of different ROMs in wildly variable orders - sometimes 2.2, sometimes rollbacks to stock 2.1, sometimes dev 2.1 ROMs, and even on occasion rollbacks to early Cupcake (1.5) ROMs. Sometimes over-flashing, sometimes wipe + new flashes; sometimes restoration of nandroid backups of older 2.1 and 1.5 ROMs.

In doing all this, I discovered that I could never be sure that the market would "remember" anything about my previous set of downloads - with the exception of purchased market apps. In many cases with 2.2 ROMs, a fresh install would restore all my saved settings (things like wallpapers, WiFi setups, etc) - and sometimes would remember all my previously downloaded apps (paid or free), and sometimes only some, or none of my free apps (but always the paid apps for sure).

However, I only remember one occasion where I got "hung up" like that. If it is still not working by the time you read this, I would recommend that you clear the data associated with the Market App via

Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Market

and see if you at least get the market working. Once it is responding, though - I'm not really sure what you should expect from it.


ps Did you flash xtr over your existing ROM without wiping?
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Tried all the cache and data wipes I read about. Reinstalled the new market and the older versions from .apk. Nothing seemed to work. Did a Nand restore from a few months ago and it worked. Then reinstalled the latest xtrSense and all is fine.


That was probably your problem. FWIW, every time I flashed xtrSENSE, the market updated itself to the new version shortly after the first start. Unfortunately, CELB won't do that.
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