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Sep 15, 2011
Asheville, NC
For some reason, my Market has been messing up lately. For one, none of my installed apps are showing up under the "my apps" category, which obviously they should. Also, if I try to update an app, (in order to update one, I have to search for it and click on it, and they hit update) it says "an error occurred while creating your order". But as far as I know, its only with apps I have bought (in this case it is widgetlocker). I was just wondering if I should delete the market and flash it again? Or anything really that would fix this problem.
Widget locker is not on my liquid market, I flashed the stock rom to update it and backed it up with TB. Sounds like you may be able to go to accounts within the market and make sure it is on your google account.

Did you restore apps with TB or jrummy's newer backup program

It was through TB. lol the only reason I want to update WL is to get the ice cream sandwich lockscreen ha..But I just found out that GO now has a lockscreen option and I must say it is pretty nice. As of now it is nowhere near widgetlocker, but with how good the dev's are at GO I would bet in a while it will be pretty close
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Maybe try the market doctor option. Again check to make sure the right account is attached to the market, my live.com account was at one point for some reason. I also have changed my screen density and that can affect availability of apps as well
THank you!! My other account synced to my phone (for college) somehow got switched which I have no idea how ha. Thanks again!
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I know what he was saying. Comparing a brand new app like the GO ls to a solid, polished app like WL is ridiculous. Even with updates I doubt it will every touch WL
I know for a fact it won't ever be as good as WL, but I'm just saying it has potential to be a very good app. The Dev's over at GO are incredible and I have been using their products ever since their existence.
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