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McGyver Windshield mount - CHEAP


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Feb 23, 2010
St. Louis Metro
Howdy gang, Here is a windshield mount I fabricated for my EVO.

First I took an old case or back skin that the EVO just clicks into. These are available on EBay new for under $3.00.


Next I took a generic windshild mount (From an old HTC touch diamond)


I took the "phone holder off the windshield mount and used my dremel to cut off the tabs on the end of the mount creating a smooth flat surface. I used the dremel to take off the paint on the back of the case where I would be attaching the windshield mount.

I proceeded to cut the flexible section out of the middle of the windshield mount. I did this at an angle so I could super glue the suction cup end back to the "phone" end. I then glued all 3 pieces together and came up with a really nice mount done on the cheap!



I'm digging the idea, but living in Arizona has me thinking that glue is going to fail once the sun kisses it for a few minutes/hours. I'd go one step further and drill tiny holes where the old pieces you dremeled out, then find some tiny screws (flush) and then it will be sun proofed. I'm going to do this and post pics. Great idea!!!!
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