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Root [Merit] Just fiddling


Oct 16, 2012
hey i ported arearom-z990 2.2.3 to the icscamwich2.0 rom and these are the results very smooth rom with large memory everything works bluetooth, wifi market everything the only thing i wanted to know if there was any way someone can overclock the kernel from the area rom at least to 777mhz this would allow the phone to have a big memory and speed to match currently the speed is 600mhz i tried stayboogies kernel and it work well but it didn't have the big data partition where the sd partition becomes internal memory. i will uploaded this ported rom soon


  • about phone.jpg
    about phone.jpg
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  • home screen.jpg
    home screen.jpg
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  • large internal memory.jpg
    large internal memory.jpg
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  • notifaction bar with normal icecream scamwich features.jpg
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    running apps.jpg
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Couldnt find the files so i ported myself and did it all on my phone love it guess its time to add some power menu options and rebuild the settings app to fit my mood thanks a lot to all the devs on this phone. Maybe someone could help i need the framework res repacked to get the to the file i need to pull hex from for the 6 extra targets created by the way i dont work on a pc
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