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zte merit

  1. TrustME90

    Root Merit modem

    Can someone please upload their modem.img (or upload the contents of /sys/firmware)? If anyone needs help feel free to pm me. Thanks.
  2. wogeboy

    ZTE Merit to AVAIL?

    Greetings- Have an old (new) zte merit (net10) I may give to my 12yr old. I wanted to unlock it and perhaps put custom rom on it. I found several forums and info about rooting, roms etc.. and also a blog (elizabeths blog) about unbricking and converting to att avail thru FTM mode etc...
  3. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] [ROM] Stayboogy 4.0.4 Android for ZTE Roamer (Avail / Merit) [2015 builds]

    Android 4.0.4 [2015 build] ZTE Roamer [Avail / Merit] Z990/G Stayboogy one.zero.full.hardware FULLY WORKING INCLUDING GPU ACCELERATION, MOBILE DATA, CAMERA AND CAMCORDER STAYBOOGY@GITHUB FEATURES: the most stable kernel known to date for the device with more features to come...
  4. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] Stayboogy TouchNav Recovery Utility for ZTE Roamer (Avail / Merit) [new build+options]

    STAYBOOGY'S TOUCHNAV RECOVERY UTILITY FOR THE ZTE ROAMER [AVAIL / MERIT] Z990/G FEATURES: menu has changed quite a bit added options for backup and restore of rom system settings added options for backup and restore of rom apps user data added options for backup and restore of system...
  5. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] Stayboogy 2.3.7 Android for ZTE Roamer (Avail / Merit) [2015 builds]

    Android 2.3.7 [2015 build] ZTE Roamer [Avail / Merit] Z990/G Stayboogy v2.0c STAYBOOGY@GITHUB FEATURES: the most stable kernel known to date for the device with more features to come perfect proximity sensor wake lock--even better than the oe system--kernel level fix cpu overclocked...
  6. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] Going To Be Deleting Files Soon -- Temporary Links Here

  7. warezbytes

    Root [Merit] [ROM][DISCONTINUED] Remove thread please

  8. TrustME90

    Root [Merit] [Apk] Themed stock gingerbread launcher

    I really adore the stock gb launcher above the countless other bulky gimmicky ones on the market as far as gb goes. Heres my minimalist version that I decided to make. It will work on all gingerbread roms. Just download copy to system/app folder and hit home. I would recommend backing up the...
  9. TrustME90

    Root [Merit] [TUT]How I made my screen more responsive

    I WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DEVICES BRICKED FROM THIS PROCESS. Im sure most of you have at least heard of button remapper, its an amazing app. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE PROCCEEDING. 1. Download a version of button remapper. A quick search in google is all it takes. 2. Open...
  10. M

    Root [Merit] I Need Stock Kernal

    I am in need of a stock kernal for the Zte Merit I think one of the kernals I installed caused my wifi to stop working because after it was installed the wifi just would shut itself off. So if someone can upload the stock kernal that would be great.
  11. M

    Root [Merit] Fixing Lose Charging Ports.

    Fixing Lose Charging Ports. What a great subject matter. Now I have noticed that most people say to clean the lent out of the port for me that had no effect. I did figure out how to fix it if it is not lent causing it, you have to bend the piece that the...
  12. M

    Root [Merit] SpeedFreak 2.0 Install Help

    I downloaded SpeedFreak 2.0 from SpeedFreak 2.0 - Out Of Beta and Available Now!!![UNSUPPORTED] - Android Area51 and I did everything it said and then got MD5 Mismatch and I deleted all text from nandroid what do I do.
  13. bethnesbitt

    Root [Avail] Rooting the latest avail firmware

    I wanted to root the avail and try a few things with the most current rom, first tried the 3.1 binary zip, rebooted but it didn't take, so then tried the old fashion jcase method and tells me out of room. Looked in /system/xbin/ no su but a file called dexdump, can't remember if that isn't any...
  14. bethnesbitt

    Root [Merit] Unlocking the merit to avail then carrier unlocking

    After weeks and weeks trying to figure out how to unlock the z990g, finally figured it out, you can see how here: Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis: How to unbrick and unlock the ZTE Mert straighttalk/tracfone z990g to AT&T z990 Anyways, now that it is unlocked, I called verizon to find out about...
  15. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] [edit] bricked my last dev merit repartitioning the nand

    well i've succeeded in successfully bricking my last dev merit by repartitioning the nand... thought i figured out how to do it correctly, but not... so, until someone offers to send me a working device, DEVELOPMENT IS OVER FOR THE AVAIL / MERIT so, to all you who have asked me for...
  16. M

    Root [Merit] Zte Merit Boot Looping

    Ok so the issue now is I fixed my phones boot loop so I decided to go ahead and install IceCreamScamwich 2.0 back on my phone but now when I do this it just installs it and I try to reboot phone and then it boot loops but originally IceCreamScamwich worked. Edit: Fixed this issues I did a...
  17. M

    Root [Merit] Delete this thread

    Delete THIS THREAD
  18. M

    Root [Merit] ZTE Merit Fastboot Problems

    I am trying to flash the Boot.img and System.img and with adb I rebooted device to bootloader with this command adb reboot-bootloader and my device is now found in boot but it shows it as a CD-Drive for some odd reason if it didn't do this I could use fastboot and fix my phone because it gets...
  19. M

    Root [Merit] Zte Merit all I can do is go to system recovery.

    I need help I need a way of doing a full system recovery I tried multiple methods on the forum none have fixed it but my Zte is boot looping this happend after trying to install SpeedFreak 1.0 before this I had IceCreamScamWich Rom installed and working please help me fix my phone.
  20. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] [ROM] ICS 4.0.4 ZTE Roamer EXPERIMENTAL ALPHA [stayboogy]

    apn / mobile data issues exist, development discontinued on this rom until further notice. Thanks. downloads will still be available below
  21. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] who's got a phone to donate to the cause???

    so, in order for development to continue i'm going to need another merit that has a working usb port and sdcard slot i bought a used one this past week on ebay and despite the seller saying it works fine, the usb port doesn't work. this makes the device virtually useless for my needs. i...
  22. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] ICS is coming...

    just to let everyone know... i've got ics going on the merit. after successfully configuring a working ics kernel it finally booted. touchscreen is working after creating some configuration files for the mxt224 sensor launcher is force closing directly after boot however. more to come.
  23. Vallera

    Root [Merit] ZTE Merit Z990g CWM/TouchNav/TWRP Won't Install

    Hey, I have a Tracfone ZTE Merit AKA Straightalk Merit and I rooted it, but considering I was very tired and not thinking correctly, I installed AoSP Roamer and GAPPS via stock recovery, and I forgot that I needed to wipe the phone, system, and dalvik cache, but then again I hadn't slept in...
  24. E

    Need help for problem

    I have a rooted ZTE Merit. I have TouchNav Recovery, and stayboogy's AOSP Roamer v1.3c. I love, love, love it. It totally thrashes every other rom I have had... except for one point. When I try to download facebook, it installs and just before it completes it reboots. I am sure some folks advice...
  25. stayboogy

    Root [Merit] [kernel] gpu 250Mhz, cpu 800Mhz [stock or aosp]

    just a new kernel from my own updated kernel source use on either stock build or aosp--choose appropriate download {if using on stock build then you need a cpu control app to adjust frequencies} 250Mhz overcloced gpu (don't believe me? use gallery or watch a youtube video and then see...