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Root Messed up root for HTC Inspire


May 16, 2011
Ah! Using the AAHK (from here) I rooted my HTC Inspire. Everything looked good, but now when it tries to boot it gets to the HTC start up screen and blacks out.

I have no idea what I'm doing, but here's what I think is happening: AAHK erased the stock android, failed to install a complete replacement, and now all that works is the HBoot menu.

Is there a way to install a ROM using the HBoot menu? Can I do something where I put a ROM on the SD card and click "recover"??? If so, where should I put the ROM on the SD card?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Any help is hugely appreciated!
Can you get into recovery? Try a factory reset and see if that lets you start up.

If you have a custom recovery such as ClockwordMod, yes you can install Roms from the recovery - simply choose "install zip" option. You have to put the ROM on the SD card first.

I can get into the plain, default, HBoot recovery screen. I don't have ClockwordMod. Can I still install ROMs with the default recovery screen? Or is there a way I can install ClockwordMod even though the phone won't boot? Thanks!
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You can flash a ROM from HBOOT but it needs to be in the correct format. It may only work with the stock ruu. May not work with other custom roms. I'm not positive on this though.

Go to the Inspire forum on xda. There are a dozen postings from people with similar issues. There's even a guide for how to recover if stuck in HBOOT. Take the time to read through those and you'll find how to fix it. If you create a new posting over there with your problem, chances are you'll get a lot of grief from people about not searching for the answer yourself.
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