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Root [Metamorph] Portal Battery and Gun Charger


Mar 31, 2012
This is my first ever venture into theming anything that is Android so naturally I am very new.

I saw that my friend had the Aperture Laboratories logo on his iPhone's status bar and thought it would look pretty cool in mine. I searched around the web but my Google-Fu couldn't turn up anything so I made my own.

At first I had the Aperture logo in mind but then I saw how tacky it would be to have the charging icons completely unrelated so I included a portal gun for your viewing pleasure :D

Check them out:


I will say that while doing this, learning how to use inkscape is probably the best thing I have done. I highly recommend making the switch to vector graphics. Its so much better especially when you want to scale your graphics to any size you want for different screen sizes for example.

Finally, Here is the link for the morph zip:
Download Nao

1. Move to /sdcard/AndroidThemes
2. Open Metamorph and Hit the unzip button.
3. Chose the newly placed zip.
4. Apply and reboot device
5. ?????
6. Profit :cool:
I get the portal battery which is cool but I dont get the gun charging? can you post a picture of that? and what is the scale for the portal battery? does it shift color depending on how charged the fun has left? thanks.

Its working right for me. And yea, towards the end, the last 2 turn yellow. It turns red when its on its last bit of juice.

The scale is 1:1. It was made at that tiny 38x38 resolution.

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oh okay if we want to use just the portal for the battery and not the gun for the charger what should we do?

when I said scale I mean in terms of charge, some phones have a certain scale to show off battery life, so is ever 1%, some is 3%, 5%, 10% and so on just want to make sure its accurate to what is reported.
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oh okay if we want to use just the portal for the battery and not the gun for the charger what should we do?

When you get this working properly would you please upload it and post, I would really like to get down on something like that.

No offense but I'm not to keen on the gun charger either.

Also is it possible to take the charging Android icon from the blue circle battery meter you posted and replace the gun with that?
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Pardon my noobishness but is this something that can work on any android phone or was it made ONLY for the Connect? I really like the look of this and I'd love to put it on my Rezound.
Also with regards to the charging icon, can you make the battery meter spin or slowly change colors so we can see it's charging instead of the gun?
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Yes, a 38 pixel tall Chell with visible and distinct animated boots :p

But for reals, the only thing stopping me from getting this is the whale gun, I'd love to see the Aperture logo spinning or just changing to a different color, maybe a lightning bolt in the center. Alternatively I imagine turning the logo into a portal while charging would look nice, with the battery percent in the center if you could pull it off. Would you kindly post the image used for the different battery percents so I can get an idea of the progression, like color=X percent??
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