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Dec 19, 2010
Has anyone got an MHL Adaptor to work on the Galaxy S2? I ordered one off ebay. It flickers on then off on the TV. Then it says "not supported" on the TV.

Edit: I went back and looked at the item description. It says it's for a Galaxy S2 i9100. How differant is an i9100 from our D710?
Thank you for the response OverByter. I tried that method, I must have gotten a defective one because it didn't work. I purchased a Samsung brand adapter and it worked perfectly. Why couldn't they just include the micro HDMI out on this phone!? I guess the price of using hardware vs software. Oh well, its working now and I'm happy.
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I have gotten one in the past for my Sprint GS2. Using a cheap HDMI cable, the quality was terrible, but using an expensive cable, the quality was excellent

I agree with you completely. With HDMI cables, the quality is very important. I didn't realize this until I discovered it by experience. You can't get one of those three dollar ones from Amazon to get a great picture :D
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