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Help Missing Android Market Icon HTC Wildfire S, India


Aug 30, 2011
I had ordered HTC Wildfire S for a friend online from India, and he has received it in India. This is his 1st Android phone so doesn't know how to use, but he doesn't see Android Market Icon in his phone.

I read in description and Wildfire S does support Android Market in India. I do not have access to phone, and my friend is totally lost.

Question I have is, I logged in to his google account and saw setting for android market by going to market.android.com, It shows his device listed with last used, registered and carrier information. So, I went to applications, and selected Yahoo Messenger and sent it for Installation. It shows in orders list - status completed.

Does it Mean, It's installed? And What are options , easy one other than manual mess to install application if Android Market is not available?



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