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Root MMS issues after rooting

Yea i tried both solutions and no dice......I mustbe screwed. I will add that I did delete apps but non related to MMS cause I still have mms.apk in tack

in that case find a stock rooted rom...

go into recovery (nandroid to be safe and make sure your apps all have a current backup) and wipe dalvik and cache , DO NOT wipe data, you are simply flashing over what you have. you shouldn't loose much at all other than some settings, widgets and customization

flash the stock rom , try mms

if it works than most likely you deleted something you shouldn't have

go back through deleting/freezing stock apps but do a functionality test after each one
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Ok so I installed Fresh 3.4 ROM and everything is all great now, just wanted to say I really appreciate all your help and guidance throughout my issue, BIG UPS!!

glad it worked!

just a quick disclaimer...if you do experience issues you will want to back up all your stuffs with titanium ...wipe all data, dalvik, and cache and reflash flash.

Most have flashed it over stock with no issues....but he does say a full wipe is best. Fresh is not a stock rom but a custom rom based on stock.

I really don't think you will have issues though.

Glad I could help
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