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Help MMS Won't Download

Are you guys not getting mms at all or just getting the error message?

when i had 2.1 i got an error message "network error" i believe it was, with 2.2 i dont get an error message i try to download it and it will have no progress then after about 5-10 mins it will go back to showing an option to download the picture again. i tried updating my profile but after two hours of waiting for it to connect to the network i canceled it.
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Ok so it seems that some people are having luck with the updated profile and some are not. I have seen other sites listing the problem but its not widespread. Mine still gives errors sometimes but nothing stops the mms coming through. this has to he a 2.2 thing because I dont remember having this problem with 2.1 hopefully a patch will come out soon. These are not the only problems with the new update.
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I had this in 2.1 but it automagically cured itself after a week - same symptom, hit download, wait, wait, wait, then download button appears again.

I just thought my phone didn't do MMS - so for whatever reason, I can't guarantee this isn't a 2.2 thing, but there's some anecdotal evidence that it might be elsewhere.

Anyone try calling Sprint to see if this is on their side?
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