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Moto E6 / Android 9 (Pie) and 5G network

Apr 28, 2020
I just got an email re: Republic Wireless being bought out by Boost Infinite. It says they will send me a new SIM card and everything else will be fine.

My question is this: My phone is a Moto E6 with Android 9 (Pie). Under "preferred network type" it says "LTE (recommended)". When I tap on that, it says it can also work with 3G and 2G. Boost Infinite is a 5G network. But when I called their support, I was told that they also use "4G LTE" and that that would most likely work with my phone because of LTE.

Is that true? Any info and would be greatly appreciated.

As long as your phone supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE) you should be fine. I'd expect a phone of that age to have it, but don't know that model.
Well, it doesn't say VoLTE on my phone. It just says LTE. Is VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) the same as LTE? My present phone is using LTE and I use it for voice calls. Is that the same as VoLTE?
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4G is still the prevalent cellular service here in the U.S., with 5G becoming more available but at a lessor amount. LTE is essentially a marketing term, and it's a subset of 4G connectivity. VoLTE is also just a marketing term, and it's just a subset of LTE. VoLTE can provide higher quality audio using less bandwidth (better on-the-fly compression) but your Moto E6 relying upon just 4G is quite adequate. Given how anal our U.S. carriers have implemented 5G it's not like 4G will be going away any time soon.

Regarding Boost, it's not a matter of only using 5G (Boost Infinite), it still supports 4G (Boost Mobile).
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I am attaching a screenshot of my Moto E6's network specs. If anyone sees anything that might be a problem (as far as it working with Boost Infinite), feel free to let me know. Thanks so much to everyone for your very helpful posts!


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According to Motorola's site, your options are to either get a different phone that is compatible with Boost or switch carriers.
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Made the change to Boost and basically everything is good (yay!) except for Visual Voice Mail. My visual voice mail is part of my Google phone app. And now (since I moved to Boost), on the Visual Voicemail screen, it says "Visual Voicemail isn't working. Call voicemail to finish setting it up." But I have already done this, and the message is still there. I can call in and listen to my voicemails, but they do not show up on the Visual Voicemail screen.

I tried a few things:

--I turned the Visual Voicemail off and back on
--I cleared the app cache
--I put it on Airplane mode and then turned off my phone and then turned it on again and turned Airplane mode off (a suggestion from the Boost support person).
--I updated the Google phone app
--One suggestion from Boost support was to install the Boost Visual Voicemail app, but almost all recent reviews are terrible.

Any suggestions as far as making my present phone/voicemail app work correctly?

If not, any suggestions as far as a good, alternative Visual Voicemail app that will work with Google phone app?

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Currently, all my other apps that I was using with Republic Wireless still work with Boost. And everything about the Google Phone app works fine (voice calls, contact list, and recent calls list) except for Visual Voicemail. Why do all these other things work, but not visual voicemail? And as I said, I can still call in and listen to my voicemails. The only thing that doesn't work is the visual voicemail. And Boost said that the only change i would need to make is to swap out SIM cards. and that everything else would work fine. So... then why is this problem with visual voicemail happening?
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Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!

I think I need to clarify what I mean by Visual Voicemail. In Google's Phone app, (when it was working correctly) when I would get a voicemail, the voicemail would appear visually on the Visual Voicemail screen as a little timeline, along with the name of the person who left the VM. And then you click on the timeline, and the voicemail plays audibly (that is what the Google Phone app calls visual voicemail). I realize that there are other apps called Visual Voicemail that actually present a visual text version of the voicemail, but that is not what I am referring to and that is not what I want.
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