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Root Movies won't play while BT connected


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Jun 19, 2010
I couldn't find anything in search for this so let's see if I can get some help up in here!

MeanBean 3.09 with S-Off on Android 4.1.1 in case being rooted matters.

I was using the most up to date Google Play Movies and TV. While I am in my car, music plays fine over Blue Tooth. If I open a movie right from ES File Explorer the movie app opens and then closes. No movies will play while connected to BT. I rebooted the phone, connected via BT and same thing happens. If I turn off BT the movies play fine.

I downgraded Google Play Movies and TV to version 2.3.7 and it does the same thing; music works, movies don't. I click on a movie and the player screen opens and then closes and goes back to My Movies.

My girlfriend has a Samsung GS3 and I xfer'd the movie to her phone via BT and her phone plays the same exact movie fine and we hear it over the speakers in the car.

Any suggestions?


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