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Help Multiple Contacts

I don't believe the contacts that are stored on your phone will automatically sync back to Gmail contacts. Maybe there's an easier way of doing this, but this is what I did to initially set up:

Connected HTC Hero to my PC, and used HTC sync to store all contacts on Microsoft Outlook.
Deleted ALL contacts from phone.
Exported all contacts from Outlook to a csv.
Imported csv to GMail.
Merged duplicates in GMail.
Imported contacts from Google on HTC

Now all my contacts are unique, and saved on Google only.

Hope this helps!
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I have lot of duplicate contacts on my phone however there seems to be an app that allow you to merge duplicate contacts and also linked your contacts on facebook to your phone contacts, please does anyone remember this app or what do I have to do to merge all my contacts into one. it is very frustrating right now to have so many of the same contacts.
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