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My Hero broke, question on getting a evo on my friends 2nd line ..


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Dec 7, 2009
Metro Detroit

Long story short in a fit of rage my Hero met the wall, something i have never done before and now p*ssed i did.

That said it looks intact but does not turn on, so back to slumming it with my Instinct for now, gah what a step backwards.

I have only had the Hero since December so i can't upgrade it soon.

My friend said i could have the upgrade on his 2nd line he is adding for his brother. He is just giving him his old Instinct to use so it should be eligible for a new phone.

I asked a guy at the sprint store he said it would work, my friend would have to activate the phone on the line ($18) and have it active for a half hour or so, then he could switch his instinct back and give me the Evo which i could then add to my account ($18).

Anyone see any flaws or something to snag this up? Looks like i would end up paying $200 (best buy) +36 activation + tax 18, for $254.

I have also thought of that...
but there is the discount statement..it had to be on the line for 60 days or something...
and then there is the $10/month charge for the EVO... which he will have to put on his line..♠

I am a little confused to how this might play out....
someone might get screwed in the end...
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Just went to best buy.

They said it would not be a problem. Out of pocket would be $200 for the phone plus tax on the $300, so $218.

They would switch his 2nd line to the evo, then back to the instinct. I will owe him $18 bucks for that.

Then they will just add it to mine, again i will get billed $18 for that.

So actually sounds like a pretty good way to go.
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