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My Triumph has had free unlimited data since January

I wanted to ask the forum about my Triumph which has had free data connection since January 2013.

I bought my Triumph at Best Buy when it came out a couple of years ago, and I had used it for a long time. Then I gave it to my father who registered it to his own Virgin Mobile account. He used it for a while then stopped the monthly payment in December 2012. But somehow, the data connection survived since then. His VM account is gone, he removed his information on the account, including his card information. So he hasn't been charged since last December. The phone function doesn't work. When I try to make a phone call, it says the account has zero money. Yet the 3G works perfectly, presumably unlimited because I had been downloading custom roms on 3G. Does anyone else have the same case or know how it could happen?

FYI, I am running the Paranoid rom and am thinking about selling if anyone is interested.
There have been others here reporting similar experiences.
I once bought a used vm android off EBay, which the prior owner had shut off (he upgraded to a better phone). The phone was not activated, but 3g was available. I used the data connection to root and install a ROM, and even though it wouldn't call out or text, the data stayed active up to the time my wife activated it.
Seems that VM forgets about data when they deactivate a phone. :D
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Ya sorry to bust ur bubble on the free 3g but it will stop very soon lol. I also had this after i stopped buying time for phone and thought was glitch cuz mine last for months and months and finally it got cut off and so i was already planning to reactivate anyway that very same day strangely enough so i bought card and called and lady told me that my account had been cancelled pretty much, lost my phone number and all so i think its like a thing they do to just keep u using phone possibly cuz they do a free month for u when u dont pay bill for like 2 months.

So im just giving u warning if u dont wanna lose ur number or account ( u have to make a whole new account with them ) then id suggest u pay the bill soon cuz ur getting close to the mark where they will cancel ur account and u use lose that free 3g.
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