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Help Navigation buttons (home, back and open apps) freeze up


New Samsung Tab S7 tablet, the second one in two weeks and both have the same issues. Probably 5 or 6 times in the last 30 mins the on-screen buttons for home etc simply freeze, when this happens the pull down to view notifications also stops responding.

The only solution is to either wait 1 minute or power the screen off for 30 seconds. Most of the time the second solution leaves me at the locked screen with the keypad buttons not responding.

I have very little installed that could be considered out the ordinary.

It's the latest version of Android 12.

I will have to send this one back in the next few days if I cannot find a fix. Any ideas?

Screenshot showing navi buttons


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    navi buttons.png
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Maybe a hard reset might work.

This is two brand new tablets doing exactly the same thing. I'm guessing a hard reset is the same as a factory reset and would
put it back to the same as it was a week ago. More likely my account and the apps I download when originally setting up with my Google account

Has anyone seen this before or anything similar?

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To solve the freezing issue on the Samsung S7 tablet’s navigation button, you can factory reset your tablet using hardware keys.

Here are the steps to do this:

· Switch off your phone.

· Press and hold the Volume Up + Power keys unless you see the Android Recovery screen. After this, leave both buttons.

· Use the Volume Down key to scroll down to Wipe Data/Factory Reset and select is using Power key.

· Choose Yes.

· Once the reset process gets completed choose Reboot system now.
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