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Root need. root. now.


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Jan 23, 2013

I know there are people out there who don't even blink twice with spending $2000 USD every week on a new phone, but I'm not like that. I don't even like buying another phone every other year, much less every year like I had to do with sealed battery phones.

For $420 USD, this, is all I could get. And even then, I still think that's too much.

I need root. Now. I refuse to put up with factory ROM ad hell and apps that I can't uninstall shoving ads on me and eating space.

I already know the battery is going to be a point of pissing me off. I don't need the software to make my life a nightmare, as well.


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I made a point to go to best buy to NOT get a carrier locked model. Specifically for this reason.

ok so after searching on xda here is what i have found for the oneplus n20 5G

there maybe a way to root your phone, but twrp does not exist yet for your phone.....so rooting it will be risky. you do not have a way to make a backup of your phone, if you decide to delete something......so if you gain root access, i would be very cautious on what you do with the phone.

also there really are not any custom roms, which for me would be the main reason i would root a phone. but there are other reasons to root. also there is not really a dev community supporting the phone just yet.

this is the forum you want to keep an eye on for all things root for the n20 5G:

looks like the T-mobile version is the only one where you can get a bootloader unlock token. i have not seen anything else yet for other variants.

so i'm not familiar with OnePlus and and how their bootloader works so it is hard to know for sure, how locked the bootloader is. if it is anything like samsung's snapdragon bootloaders, then they are pretty locked down and are extremely hard to root.

no there are no actual root guides yet for the N20 on xda. but if you google unlock bootloader for your phone, you will find a bunch of links to guides on how to do it. i don't know how legit, they are since its not coming from xda.

here is a few i found:
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Some of it does look sketch, but at least i know that I was able to turn on the OEM Unlock setting. Which is already further than I was able to get with the wife's moto g20. :rolleyes:
if you can oem unlock, than you are half way there to gain root. after unlock you just need to install magisk and you should be rooted. you can even try the read/write option as well.
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