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Help new poster, odd problem


Sep 13, 2013
I have AVG antivirus and in the data usage monitor area theres a suspicious entry called "Service Programu". its Icon is an anime character with a blue background and it states its version 2.2.2 . its used 115mb of data in the last month and ive never noticed it before. killing it makes my service turn to 'X' and then it comes right back on and my service comes back. it has just about every permission that you can have and that made me useasy about it along with the icon and the high data usage. because of what it does to my service, it makes me think that its possibly just a essential service but kind of weird anyway. my antivirus scans daily and has never found anything. this phones always been kinda slow. had it over a year and just noticed this. is it spyware/malware or a virus of some kind?
It's actually an intentional hidden program from LG/Virgin Mobile in the stock ROM.

The slowness you speak of is because the processor, although capably of 864MHz max, is capped to just 600MHz max by Virgin Mobile/LG.

A custom ROM solves these problems. I usually run at 768MHz max-480MHz min with an interactive governor (get the best performance and battery off charge times). The Custom ROM's are stripped down and light weight making them even faster at 600MHz than the bloated stock ROM so that at 768MHz they really fly.

Now I have no lag what so ever, even when playing Angry Birds.
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