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Root New recovery surfacing

looks interesting, but they say they close-source the gui.
could patch a p500 version to work on the v with the right kernel and some changes to mount points and default.prop file.

on a similar note, I'm about to release a port of tassadar's multirom (roms boot from card or internal flash memory) and it requires a special version of cwm (reminds me of xionia, with more features)
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based on cwm and tasssadar added a whole submenu for the multirom stuff.

i don't know if I've seen anything as good as his work during all my research into multiboot.
really nice.

i haven't torqued the recovery too hard testing, but it does seem to wipe, backup, restore, and install zips fine on the two v's I've put it on... one old novatek screened goodness and one horrible Hitachi screen

all the multirom functions seem to work fine too.
as a plus, his v11 release uses the touchscreen in the boot manager. gorgeous.
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sorry- no touchscreen in the multirom recovery. i didn't look to see if the teamwin recovery was released for the p500 or not, and that's the more popular thunder* board variant among the optimus phones, it seems. i know with the kernel changed and a few files fixed on the ramdisk, p500 software has a fair chance of running on the optimus v.
(p500=optimus one=thunderg vm670=optimus v=thunderc ls670=optimus s=thunderc also.)
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It would need to be ported, as Squid said. I know that's beyond my skill set, so we'll just have to wait for some one with
a) the skill
b) the time
c) the inclination

Personally, I'm way more interested in that multiboot recovery. I could probably use that to have two side by side installs of BACKside. One for my main phone, one for testing themes and scripts and such. I want to get back into it, but don't want to use my main phone for testing. Dig?
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oh i would LOVE to do that... stock and BACKside... best of both worlds but I'm not smart enough to do it yet
you can run froyo and gingerbread together, but have to use a kernel that's made for the optimus s, zefie's xionia kernel is the only one I know of that works for both android versions.
drewwalton upgraded and fixed it, with his xionia redux kernel, but like I said, it's for the optimus s, so there's little tweaky issues using it on the v. like your home and menu keys getting swapped.

It's quite possible, though, and when I put up the port I'll include instructions and links for how to mix GB and Froyo, use just multiple Froyo roms, or multiple GB.

I've seen a few requests around the forums for multiboot on the V, looked into it myself a while back ([DEV][Proof-of-Concept] Boot from SD on Optimus V - xda-developers) but it was too tweaky for the average joe to use.
Tasssadar's thing is just too smooth, and fairly user-friendly as long as you can use recovery and follow instructions.
When the port worked on the first try, I knew I'd have to share it for other geeky people like myself.
Serious nerdgasm with that touchscreen boot manager. That thing could fairly easily be built up to a whole little operating system, and I suspect it'll make it quite possible to dual boot a real debian install without android running at all. Lots more work to get that puppy going, though.
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yes, it will replace your existing recovery.
Unless, I could get really fancy and make it a fakeflash recovery...
for that, you boot into your existing recovery, and flash the fakeflash recovery.
It forces a reboot into the fakeflash recovery without replacing the one stored in your phone's recovery partition.
In that case you'd have your existing recovery, and use an extra step to boot into the multirom recovery.
Really, that would be excessive, but would avoid some paranoia about recovery flashing.
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