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New Unlock Screen Function

You people do realize you could drag your finger straight across before and unlock the phone. You can also swipe in the arc now and still unlock the phone. The only thing that has changed is the way it's presented on screen.

If you are dragging your finger any differently you are just waisting effort.

Oh come on! I resisted telling them, this whining was so much fun to watch. :D

It's amazing, isn't it, how much a few colored pixels can confuse the average homo sapiens?
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I don't really mind the new unlock screen. One thing that struck me right away, aside from the swipe to drag change, was the clock widget. I love it. Is it the same one that was on the original screen and I'm just noticing it now cos of its different placement?

Either way I like the look of it and want a that clock widget on my homescreen. Anyone got suggestions :)
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