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Help Newbie!


May 17, 2011
Hey gang! I'm Michael, I'm 56 and just broke my smartphone cherry :rolleyes:
As I have searched for answers to questions about my new Optimus V, I kept getting very good info from this site, and wanted to be a part of the conversation. I have the Beyond Talk 300 package, as does my wife. We left Sprint because....well... you guys all know why! I look forward to getting all your help and advice! Thanks for reading... Michael
Take it from a newbie, If and when you decide to root your phone, even if it's just to get rid of the bloatware(the useless apps. that take up valuable memory) the best methods will be found at this site. This is a "V" specific forum site. The devs here know what works for the "V" because they own the "V".- from flashing a recovery to custom ROM's that work for the "V" this is the place to be if you like to customize your phone, or just want workarounds and fixe's to problems.
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