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No Keyboard in Landscape

If I go through the following sequence then tap "Search Text" the keyboard will not display - is something broken?

1. Start in Portrait
2. Tap Browser
3. Tap Google Search
4. Input text
5. Tap desired Website
6. Rotate Hero to Landscape
7. Tap Menu
8. Tap More
9. Tap Find on Page
10. Tap "search text" - nothing happens!

The above works if I stay in Portrait and if I do not rotate to landscape until after step 9.
Think that it may be a bug.
My settings are as follows:
Firmware version 1.5
Baseband version
Kernal version2.6.27-44690c1a
Build number 2.73.707.9 146733 CL#62020 release-keys
Software version1.0.0.A6288

Does anybody know whether those numbers are the most up-to-date?

Thanks in advance
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