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Help No Music when the phone is on Vibrate mode - normal or not?


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Jun 22, 2010
I just noticed that while my phone is in vibrate mode, there is no audio from any of the media players (Pandora, Cube 3, etc). This is both out of the speaker and headphone jack.

I realized it because I plugged my phone in and tried to listen to Pandora after a meeting I had. The phone was still on vibrate, and no sound was coming out of the speakers I had plugged in. Putting the phone into normal ring mode rather than vibrate mode made the music start playing again.

I realize that ringtones are basically audio files, so it makes sense that this the default operation, but I just thought I would ask if everyone else experiences this or if there is some setting I can change on my phone to make music play even when the vibrate mode is active.


SOLUTION - there is a setting in the SwitchPro Widget that will mute the media sound when the phone is on vibrate mode. This option was selected by mistake. Unselecting it fixed the issue.
Found the issue. After downloading Audio Manager and realizing I could but the phone on vibrate mode without it affecting the music volume, I started looking at my SwitchPro Widget. It turns out there was a setting that specifically mutes media when the phone is on vibrate. This was selected by mistake. Unselected that and everything is back to normal.

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